Radiant Impressions™ by Camp

Non-Surgical Breast Reconstruction

The Radiant Impressions' custom breast prosthesis requires no special type of bra. Because the prosthesis is silicone based and waterproof, you can swim, while wearing a bathing suit of your choice.

This custom breast prosthesis is constructed of a unique patent pending silicone foam core, which remains light and cool to wear due to its breathable nature. The technology used to create this light, symmetrical breast form is superior to other products available.

This unique duplicate of your natural existing breast
will have you feeling the best you can be.

Extremely durable with normal use, you will experience balance comfort and familiarity the moment it is fitted to your chest wall.

Customized to imitate existing breast and nipple size and color50% lighter than other prostheses on the marketBreathable and WaterproofWear your choice of bras or swimsuits21 kin tones and nipple tones to matchRegain your active lifestyle. Golf, swimming, tennis, running.Adheres to the skin and is so lightweight, it can be worn without a bra.

Regain your sense of self-confidence and poise.

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