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The best fit begins with the bra....

A breast form is only as good as the bra that carries it. The source of many problems with breast forms lies in the fact that the majority of women, whether they have had breast surgery or not, wear a bra that is the wrong size.

Every woman should have her bra and breast form fitting checked at least once per year to allow for changes in weight or body shape that may occur as a result of post surgery treatment. The average bra has a life span of about 3 months, so bras should be replaced regularly before the quality of the fabric or elasticity deteriorates.

Various bra styles can be selected to accommodate different surgeries, figure types, and individual choice. For instance,

  • A bra with a conventional strap is suitable when no tissue has ben removed under the clavicle.
  • A camisole bra may cover surgical scars.
  • Some women, especially those with fuller figures, may benefit from the lift and separation of an underwire.

How to measure:

  1. Measure under the remaining breast from center sternum to center spine. Double this measurement and add five inches. This is the band size.
  2. Measure over the fullest part of the remaining breast from center sternum to center spine. Double this measurement. this is the cup measurement.
    1. Cup size for Double Mastectomy: Cup size is the same as that worn prior to surgery. If you want to be larger or smaller, select one size above or below your previous size.
  3. Subtract the band size from the cup measurement and refer to the table below for cup size:
Cup Size
1 inch
2 inches
3 inches
4 inches
5 inches

The band of the bra should be comfortable and snug and fall below the shoulder blade. The fullest part of the breast should fill out the bra cup completely without over-flowing the cup.

A properly fitted bra will be comfortable to wear and enhance your appearance.

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