Proper fit for your Bra:

A properly fitted bra will be comfortable to wear and will enhance your appearance.

My Bra is too small if:

  1. Shoulder straps cut into shoulders.
  2. Breast Tissue is not contained in the cup of the bra.
  3. Tissue bulges in underarm area.
  4. Fabric is tight and binding

My Bra is too large if:

  1. Excess fabric is seen in cup area.
  2. Panel under arms seems loose, pulls away form body.
  3. Bra rides up in back

If you are experiencing shoulder indentation and strap slippage, we can solve that problem with Comfy Straps.

Not all bras are created the same. Style and color can make a difference in the body band.

If you have any questions call 1-216-831-2048 and ask for our Bra Fitting Specialist.