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Features to look for when choosing a bra ....

  • Good separation between the cups, which will hold the form securely in place.
  • Elastic edging around the bra cups, to hold the breast form securely inside the bra.
  • At least two hook fasteners in depth at the back of the bra, depending on size. More hooks may be required to give the necessary support.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps that are wide enough to support comfortably without cutting the shoulder. The main support for the breast form should come from the boy of the bra itself, not the straps. Comfy Straps can also be worn to prevent shoulder indentation and strap slippage.
  • Wide, firm elastic straps in full-figure bras, which will provide support and comfort.
  • Pockets made from cotton fabric for comfort
  • A style that hugs the chest wall for a smooth, secure fit.
  • A style that provides coverage appropriate for the surgical site.

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