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Proper care will insure lasting durability.

Have more than one wig not only to alternate styles, but to allow proper time for cleaning and drying.

Finger pick thoroughly and gently, remove tangles before washing your wig.

Do not over wash.... Use Wig Shampoo. Rinse, hold the wig under the faucet and let the water run through the mesh base. (use lukewarm water).

Try to add height at the top while keeping the sides closed to your head, if you have round or square shaped face. Try to minimize height at the top and fluff up the sides, if you have a longer face.

Use a styling spray for synthetic hair. Lacquer sprays will coat the wig.

Never use hair dryers, curling irons or any other drying aids on your wig.

Never expose your wig to excessive heat sources such as open oven, boiling water, clothes dryer, and barbecue grill.

Use a plastic, wire or natural bristle brush. Light short strokes give you the best styling results. Never use a brush on wig styles with tight curls, just your fingertips.

Never brush or comb your wig until it is completely dry.

These are just a few of our guidelines for the care and feeding of your beautiful new wig,

You will receive complete care instructions when purchasing your Wig from Ida-Joy Shoppes. All Wigs are inspected before they leave the store for any visible defects. Please make your selection carefully. Darker shades from your natural color will pale the face. Shades much lighter than your natural color tend to wash out your complexion. If you want a perfect match, it is always best to provide a swatch of your own hair. This can be mailed to Ida-Joy Shoppes with model number, style of wig you are interested in along with the following information: Name, address, city-state, zip, phone number, Email address and credit card information.

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